A History of YALDING, Kent, England

This site is designed to display a general introduction to English rural history, using the Yalding historical records from the feudal manor through to the millennium.
Time-scale of events and how it effected this village community, its growth and leading characters. “Parish Chronicles” was a title the author used for a series of history items printed in the Parish Magazine since the early 1990’s.
The growth and development of village clubs and groups since the eighteenth century.
Places and houses of historical interest located on a map, with photographic links.
Buildings and places of historical interest within the central village area surrounding the high street.
A conducted tour of the church showing how village history is fixed into its fabric and memorials, and high-lighted in the parish records.
A summary and details of some residents who have contributed too, and whose records celebrate the history of our village.

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 The author Tony Kremer has lived in the village most of his life, collected some material, and developed an interest in local history, but pieces of the jigsaw are continually being found.
Local history covers every facet of agricultural, architectural, and industrial innovation, plus the social changes within a community, and it is the people and families within a village that make it come alive.
This is not a comprehensive study of Yalding, but if you have any additional items or notice any errors, then please let the author know. The more one knows about the history of a place, the more you realise how much you do not know, and the current activities of today are the history of tomorrow, so file away suitable information for others to use.
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