A History of YALDING, Kent, England

As a result of a parliamentary request from the War Office the above Guild was formed during the years 1914 to 1919. One of its first functions was to produce hospital bags to be sent to the front, and 177 were acknowledged in October 1915. Money for materials was mainly donated, and supplemented with jumble sales. The appointed committee were President, Lady Victoria Villiers; Chairwoman, Mrs Reid; Secretary and Treasurer, Miss G Noakes; with members, Mrs Coleman, Mrs Crouch and Mrs Leigh. During December 1915 seven parcels were sent containing shirts, socks and mufflers. There was an extensive list of subscribers, many donating 1d, 2d, or 3d each week, plus the proceeds of a school concert from Miss Rolf. Two parcels were sent to Yalding men at the front, and letters were received from H Muggridge, Stokers Louis Reader and Edward Golding, Rifleman Solman, Drivers V Childs and S Henley, and Privates A Underdown, A Pattenden, Thomas Golding and Humphreys, and Gunner Masters. A constant rotor of parcels were sent to different regiments and often to the League of Empire, and later to the Red Cross.
A balance sheet just for October 1917 to July 1918 has a total amount of over £ 70, of which £ 40 was from a Red Cross Fete organised by Mrs Baker, £ 12 12s from a girls' concert by Miss Udall, and other partly from the sale of waste paper.
In February 1919 when the Guild was closed it was stated that a total of 1,058 garments had been made. The balance in hand of £ 22 from the function of the guild was divided between St Dunstan's Home for the Blind and the Nation's Fund for Nurses.

This facility for making payments to those villagers who were in times of need, was made possible through allocated funds from church collections. These funds were distributed by 15 to 20 ladies of the Parish at their discretion. It is not clear over what period this was exercised, but certainly from 1907 when the amount given out was £ 31 to 1915 when this figure had increased to £ 43. At this time the Nursing fund was also in operation, but the coal club had ceased to function.