A History of YALDING, Kent, England

This pastime being more of a recreational nature then, rather than a competitive sport, did not acquire the same importance or necessity to report its activities. Consequently very little information is available, and the first reference found was when the club paid a subscription of £ 1 to the Cricket Club in 1914.
Another such subscription was noted to have been made when on April 12th 1921, a meeting was held of THE SPORTS CLUB, being representatives of the Cricket, Football, and Lawn Tennis Clubs. This meeting was held in the Parish Rooms with the trustees;- Colonel Borton, Colonel Boulton, Mr F Reeves, and the Vicar. The meeting appointed as chairman Colonel Borton, who announced that he had granted some new ground for the use of cricket. Because of the problem of playing cricket and football on the same ground, Mr Frank Reeves offered the use of his field near the Anchor Inn for football, but no mention was made as to where Tennis was being played at that time.
Before the cricket pavilion was destroyed by a doodle-bug in 1944, it is understood that the Tennis Court and pavilion was located about half way down the Kinton's Lane, between the copse and the wood on the left hand side. As a temporary pavilion for the cricket, the tennis facilities were then moved down to the Kinton's field at that time and located in the far corner opposite the present cricket pavilion position. The tennis activities had reduced drastically at this point, and were completely removed by 1950.