A History of YALDING, Kent, England


Adjacent to where you probably entered the Church is a monument, shown left, to the WHITE family who were farmers throughout the nineteenth century. This Thomas White lived at Congelow in the mid 19th century, followed by Herbert White, whilst at the turn of the century an Alfred Starnes White, who owned much land in the parish, was residing at Bow Hill.
Another member of the White clan, E A White, lived at Beltring. He built the now famous Hop Farm there, and started a pest deterrent business using a soap wash, that after several mergers and take-overs, was to become ICI Plant Protection.
The HUBBLE window, right, is now covered by the meeting rooms and kitchen installed in 2003.
It is dedicated `To the Glory of God and in memory of H Hubble 1911'.
This H Hubble was not buried here but was returned to the village where his family had been plumbers and decorators for most of the nineteenth century, from a residence in Lughorse Lane, previously known as Luckhurst Lane, and Linkhurst Lane.
KENWARD MEMORIAL. Next to the organ is a memorial of the Kenward family who were here from 1533 until 1749, residing at an estate that is described on the Parish Map page, and continues to proclaim that family name.
This memorial, containing the above crest has been moved from the north wall of the chancel. It is a plain pyramid of brown and white marble with the following inscription below:-
“Underneath lie the bodys of Robert Kenward of Yalding, Esq., who departed this life the 4th December 1720, aged 60 yrs and Martha his wife, who died the 27th June 1761 aged 83 years and 6 months, and also six of their children and a daughter in law, viz;-John, who died the 3rd June, 1749. Alicia his wife who died the 25th May 1731 aged 29 yrs, leaving one daughter Martha, married to Sir John Shaw, baronet. Julian their sixth daughter, who died the 18th August aged 19, and Deborah, Mary, Elizabeth, and Elizabeth who died in their infancy. Martha their third daughter and only surviving child (wife of Sir Gregory Page) in dutiful remembrance of their dear father and mother, caused this monument to be erected anno 1762”.
As a tribute of his attachment to parish and church, on May 20th 1700, John Kenward Esq., presented the following vessels of silver:-
Flagon - 12 inches high, to which a lip was added in 1869.
Alms dish - 10 1/2 inches diameter.
Paten - 7 1/2 inches diameter.
All three items were inscribed:-
"Ex dono Joannis Kenwardi Arnrig de Yalding".
There are also two brasses to John Kenward and Julian Kenward who died in 1612 and 1621 respectively.