A History of YALDING, Kent, England

ALTER RAILS. Previous wrought Iron rails were replaced by the present carved ones installed "In memory of Herbert Thomas Wickham, who was Churchwarden 1920 - 1932".
Herbert Thomas had lived at Laddingford House during the 1890's, was at Willow Grove for a short period at the turn of the century, then moved to Congelow House from about 1905 till he passed away in 1932.
In memory of his wife Emma Susan, who died February 1st 1919, he erected the Lychgate, which was dedicated on the afternoon of All Saints Day, November 1st 1924.
THE PULPIT. This is dated 1860 and appears to be an older wooden pulpit encased by stonework, and includes in its moulding, the crossed keys of St Peter, swords of St Paul, a holy dove and an eagle book rest. The entire pulpit was moved across from the north side of the chancel when the organ was installed.
REREDOS. The oak paneling was designed by Mr Arnold Mitchell, architect. It was presented to the church by Miss Mary Warde of the Parsonage in 1899, and was later dedicated to Marian Emily Warde In 1902. The paneling of the choir vestry can be seen to match that of the reredos.
Prior to this the Reredos comprised of a series of tablets displaying the Commandments. These were installed in 1725 by Mr Hawkes Beavli at a cost of £ 25. Further additions were made in 1845 announcing bequests of gifts to the church.
The EAST Window.
This three light memorial portrayed the Crucifixion, and was inscribed with the names of Richard Ramsey Warde, and George Ambrose Warde, both vicars, and also Alicia Ramsey Warde. eldest daughter of James Ramsey Warde.
This window was destroyed when a Second World War V1 flying bomb landed on the Kintons sports ground, on Saturday afternoon of the 19th August 1944. The replacement is the plain glass with the simple crucifix that you see today.
This photo also shows the pews going right up to the pulpit position.

The only remaining stained glass, which like others that were destroyed In the second world war, are the images of the four apostles at the top of the East window.