A History of YALDING, Kent, England

The first mention of the family with reference to Yalding, as recorded by Hasted the Kent historian, who states that Queen Elizabeth by letters patent dated 8th March 1569, granted the rectory of Yalding with the advowson of the vicarage to Mr John Ward, for thirty years at the yearly rental of £ 30.
John was son of William Warde of Yorkshire who died in 1563.
The rectory remained with John until 1608 when James 1st granted the vicarage to Richard Lyddale and Edward Bostock, who soon alienated the parish to Ambrose Ward, son of John.
Ambrose Ward married Elizabeth Morris daughter of Thomas Morris of Horton.
Ambrose was buried 23 February 1637/8, and Elizabeth 21 December 1679 aged 82.
They had eight children, three sons, Ambrose, John and George, and five daughters, Bennett, Alicia, Frances,
Their family memorial is of black and white marble with columns. It depicts a man in armour kneeling on one side and a lady kneeling on the other side. Below the man are two boys kneeling and an infant sleeping on a cushion, who is John as he lived for less than a month. Below the woman are five girls kneeling as shown:-

On top of the monument is this coat of arms.