A History of YALDING, Kent, England

  JOHN ADAMS  1507  
  ROBERT JOHNSON  1523 During his nine years of office he performed the function of signatory to the Papal Renunciation.
  EDMUND WEST 1544  
  WILLIAM HOLDEN  1552 Six years of office before he was deprived in 1558, the year of accession of Elizabeth I, who made changes to finally establish the Church of England.
  ROBERT CAGE 1574 Not mentioned on the board in the church but stated in the registers. Buried here 29th August 1578.
  HUGH WILLIAMS 1578 Six years office before being buried here 14th June, 1584
  GEORGE AMHURST  1586 Inducted 5th February and buried here 28th February 1592, as a brass plaque records.
  RICHARD BEESTON  1597 During his 31 years as vicar, he copied our earliest registers from 1559, for which he received 26s. for his work. Witnessed plague outbreaks of 1603/4 & 1608/9.
  THOMAS TOURNAY 1628 After twelve years he transferred to Wittersham.
  FRANCIS TAYLOR  1640  Complaints from parishioners to parliament led to his being deprived of this living in 1648. The submitted petition supplies a vivid glimpse of the past:-
Petition to the House of Commons that they may have a resident Vicar, from the parishioners of Yalding.
To the honourable the Knights, Burgesses, and Commons now assembled in the High Court of Parliament.
The humble Petition of the Inhabitants of Yaldinge in the County of Kent.
Shewing, that the Parish of Yaldinge in the Hundred of Twiford in the County of Kent is impropriated unto Bennett Warde, widdowe: and that the Parsonage tithes there, are of the yearlie value of clx li (£ 160) at the least. That the Viccaridge there is of the yearlie value of lxxx li (£ 80) besides the viccaridge house and 30 acres of Glebe land, which is lett at xxx li (£ 30) per annum.
That Mr Francis Taylor is our Viccar, who is also Rector of Clapham in the County of Surrey, and there residing, and non-resident with us, havinge not beene with us himselfe by the space of one quarter of a yeare now last past, and upwards, and not having sett over us any settled Curate in his absence, by the space of sixe monethes last past, and upwards.
Wee have had noe preaching Pastor that hath beene conscionable to performe his office faithfully amongst us by the space of thirtie yeares and upwards, whereby honest hearts are sadded, and others are very ignorant and lewd.
Our Communion table is sett upp close to the wall, at the east end of the chancel, alterwise; the east end of the said chancel ( to which the said table is ioyned )is new winscotted, with Cherubyms carved in the said wainscott, and a rayle with two ascents thereto lately made. Mr Thomas Tourney, who was our late Cicar, and is now Viccar of Wittersham, in the Isle of Oxney, in the said county, did usually bowe to the said Table, and adore it; soe that wee not knowing what the end and meaning of such things are, are thereat much troubled, and our consciences offended.
Wherefore, wee doe earnestly and humbly desire this honourable house to take consideracion of our condicions, and to remove our grievances; and so to provide that we may have faythful pastors. Wee humbly make bod to mencion Mr Ffrancis Cornewell, a painfull preacher of good report, which wee nevertheless recomend to your godly wisdome.
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