A History of YALDING, Kent, England


To the left of the blocked south porch is the War Memorial, which on either side has flags of the Royal British Legion. It was erected in 1919 to record the names of forty local men who lost their lives in the First World War. About five years later the present stone War Memorial was built on the village Green.

Adams  Frederick  Private  R. W. Kent  Killed 22:7:1916  
Brown  H C  Private  R. W. Kent  Killed 24:4:1915  
Caufield  Frederick Arthur  Private  The Buffs  Killed 29:8:1916  
Cheeseman  Frederick  Corpl.  The Hampshire Regt.  Killed 15:9:1916  
Cheeseman  H B  Private  The Black Watch  Killed in Action  
Childs  (Percy) George  Private  3rd Royal Sussex  Killed 9:5:1915  
Clout  Sidney  Driver  Royal Field Artillery  Killed 2:9:1916  
Cook  C  Private  R. W. Kent  Killed 6:11:1915  
Cooper  E  Private  The London Regt.  Killed 16:10:1917  
Ellen  Frank Austin  Private  R. W. Kent  Killed 24:8:1914  
Fisher  Richard  Private  R. W. Surrey Regt.  Killed 14:7:1916  
Foreman  O  Rifleman  King's Royal Rifle Corp  Killed 11:5:1916  
Freeman  F  Private  R. W. Kent  Killed 15:11:1915  
Golding  J  Sergt.  R. W. Kent  Killed 11:7:1915  
Henley  C  Private  R. W. Kent  Killed 23:5:1917  
Hollands  Eli  Private  The Buffs  Killed 19:4:1916  
Kember  John Henry  Private  R. W. Kent  Killed 13:7:1916  
Leigh  John C R  2nd Lieut.  6th Buffs  Killed 3:7:1916  
Mannering  William  Private  The Buffs  Killed 5:12:1917  
Masters  G T  Private  The Black Watch  Killed 9:9:1916  
Masters  Albert Edward  Corpl. (Trooper)  10th Hussars(later 16th)  Killed 13:5:1915  
Mercer  H W  Rifleman  King's Royal Rifle Corp  Killed 14:4:1918  
Mills  F  Private  R. W. Kent  Killed 10:4:1917  
Mitchell  Ronald Walter  2nd Lieut. (Capt.)  East Kent Yeomanry  Killed in Palestine 6:11:1917  
Onions  John Frederick  Driver  Royal Engineers  Killed 21:11:1918  
Page  J  Private  R. W. Kent  Killed in Action  
Pattenden  H R W  Private  Sea Forth Highlanders  Killed 20:9:1918  
Reiss  Thomas  Sergt.  5th R. W. Kent  Killed in Action  
Robinson  J T  Private  The Royal Warwick Regt.  Killed in Action  
Sedge  H W  Private  The London Regt.  Killed 23:3:1918  
Shoebridge  J  Private  R. W. Kent  Killed 5:10:1916  
Singyard  E  Drummer  R. W. Kent  Killed 20:9:1917  
Solman  Charles  Rifleman  King's Royal Rifle Corp  Killed 29:8:1916  
Tully  J  Private  R. W. Kent  Killed 17:1:1917  
Tutt  Thomas Robert  Private  The Buffs  Killed 29:1:1917  
Underhill  H J  Private  R. W. Kent  Killed 29:8:1916  
Unicume  Harry Cecil  Rifleman  King's Royal Rifle Corp  Killed 21:3:1918  
Witherden  Charles Henry  Corpl.  Royal Artillery  Killed 16:2:1919  
Wood  Basil Vaughan  Lieut  R. W. Kent  Killed 3:7:1916