A History of YALDING, Kent, England

OUR BENEFACTORS:- Their gifts to Yalding Church and Village
This list is due to the efforts of Mr Leland L Duncan who extracted them from West Kent Wills of the 15th and 16th century, and published them in 1906 in “Testamenta Cantiana”.
He says;-“It is unnecessary to point out the extreme value and interest of these extracts” as enabling us to “gauge something of the depth of the affection with which the donors must have regarded the parish in which they lived, and the church in which they worshipped”.
1442  Nicholas Dan by will gave, Vis. VIId. (6s 7d) to the making of new candlesticks in front of the image of Sci Xpofori (Saint Christopher).  
1443  Alice Merston. A bequest for the images of Sancte Katerine et Margarete.  
1448  Thomas Parlabyen - a gift for a Herse Light.  
1463  John Cherlesownd. To be buried in the churche erthe of Sanche Petr; and Pall of Ealdyng.  
1473  Hugh Roger;- A gift for a Herse Light.  
1474  Stephen ate Nashe. To the repair, upkeep and renovation of one bell XXd. (1s 8d). Fo the purchase of one pair of beads to hang in the aforesaid church to pray for the souls of all faithful departed.  
1474  Thomas Brodyngbury. Gift to St Peter and St Paul.  
1474  Henry Beckyng. Gift to St Peter and St Paul.  
1475  John Curch. To the repair of Twyford Bridge (3s 4d) to the repair of Ealding bridge (3s 4d). To building work at the church (6s 8d).  
1485  John Morys. A taper of wax p's of a grote to bren afore the image of Seynt Kat; yn the sayde church. To the ligth of the hy beam XIId (1s).
1487  Raynolde Brownyny. To the paving of the church of Ealdyng XXd.  
1488  Robert Parfett. Residence to reparacon of the brygge of Ealding, the second part to the brygge of Twford, the iijrd parte to the mending of fowell weyes be twine my place and Ealding church.
1492  Thomas Harblott. A taper for euer beying a bi and a half of wax, for to breun afore the ymage of Saynt James in the sayde churche of Ealdyng the Sondays and at dobill feste at dyvyne Seruice of Godd ii tymes of the yere renuyed and that shal be a yenste the feste of the nativyte of our Lorde God, and a yenste the feste of Saynt James the Apostell.  
1493  John Lurchen. To the new work of the nave of the said church Xiijs iiiid (13s 4d). (Mr Duncan says “This was probably the widening of the aisles. The nave arcade is of the 14th century, but the aisle windows, notably those of the north aisle which retain the original tracery are the late 15th century work”.)  

1493  William Pyx. I give to the making of a new beam XLs. (40s). To the painting of the image of the blessed Mary of pity XLs. (40s). To the paving with tiles in the north aisle XXs (20s).                                                                                 Next