A History of YALDING, Kent, England

These date from 1559 and provide a continuous chronicle of families and village life, but the early volumes are now retained by the county archives. They contain a whole host of local characters and events, such as John Furn a molecatcher of 1602. Joseph a black boy baptised in 1742, George Edwards a shoemaker from Aberdeen aged 79 buried on 10th March 1809, and several outbreaks of the plaque, such as when fourteen unfortunate victims were buried on the 25th of October 1666.
The registers show that some families were resident here for several generations, and is known that many had not moved far and often stayed within the confines of the Weald.
Of the 37 families in the Yalding manor of 1336, 28 were still in the parish of 1559, and some are still here today.
Over forty people buried in our churchyard were unknown travellers or strangers.
What follows now, showing various spellings, is a list of the main family contingents identified in the registers, showing the approximate period they were here. The centuries are numbered and `Thro' means throughout, with the chief stalwarts indicated thus #.
Reference to the 1334 Lay Subsidy list is as (LS Broke).
ASHDOWN(E)   Thro C19  Carrier and higgler  
AUSTIN(E)  #  From late C15   
BAKER  #  LS & thro C19  Postmaster, hairdresser, tailor and butcher  
BARFO(O)T(T)   Until early C19   
BARN(N)(E)S   From early C17  Bootmaker, C19 greengrocer  
BARTON   Thro   
BEECHER   From early C17  Baker, tailor, C19 blacksmith  
BOULTON(E)   Till early C19   
BOWLE   Thro   
BRATTLE   Till early C18   
BROMFEILDE   Till mid C18   
BROMLEY   From early C18   
BROOKE   Till end C17  LS Broke  
BROOKER   Thro   
BROWN(E)  #  Till early C19   
BULL   From mid C17  C17 surgeon, C18 yeoman, C19 carpenter  
CHEES(E)MAN  #  Thro  C19 farmer, shopkeeper, C20 beer retailer  
CHITTENDEN   Thro  C19 blacksmith  
CHOWNING(E)   Until early C19  C18 yeoman  
CLARK(E)   LS and thro  C19 farmer, beer retailer  
CODD(E)   LS till mid C17   
COOK(E)   Until start C19   
COOP(P)ER   Thro  C19 hawker  
COV(U)ENY(E)   Till late C17   
COX   Until early C19                                                                                                                                  Next