A History of YALDING, Kent, England

The station is detailed under Chronological 1844, and here shows the original station.
Shunting yard for the Yalding Manufacturing Company detailed under Chronological 1900 shown in the other photo, was to the right of the station.
Initially the first Yalding Soap Works as they were called occupied only the triangle formed by the railway on the station side, the road, and the river, ie as you approach the crossing from the village, just on the right hand side.

The Railway Inn, shown above, was often the first arrival port of call and the last before leaving, for hop-pickers and other rail travellers. It was originally called the Waterman’s Arms when in 1841 the proprietor is recorded as being Henry Hutson, and then in 1850 as Charles Hutson.

Within twenty years it had changed its name to the Railway Inn, and some of the proprietors since then have been :-

1861   Francis Eager

1862   Nicholas Simmons

1870 – 1885 William Allingham

1875 – 1890 Philip Bolton

1890 – 1900 John Davis

1900 - 1910 David S Davis

1910 - 1918 George Carlton

1918 - 1927 James John Bradford

1927 – 1935 George H Gingell

1935 -  Arthur Frederick Ernest Chard

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