A History of YALDING, Kent, England

Factory cont’d.


In 1958 ICI bought out the crop protection interests of Cooper, McDougall and Robertson Ltd which was acquired a year later by the Wellcome Foundation, and Plant Protection Ltd became a wholly-owned ICI subsidiary.

In the ensuing years, Plant Protection Ltd, due to many outstanding discoveries, became a major force in the international crop protection field and in 1975 attained Divisional Status as ICI PLANT PROTECTION DIVISION.


In 1964 ICI decided to merge its crop production and crop protection interests and Plant Protection Ltd

became part of ICI Agricultural Division.

Finally, in 1987, following acquisition of the Stauffer Chemical Company, and in keeping with the ICI corporate image campaign, the name Plant Protection disappeared and the company then operated globally as ICI AGROCHEMICALS.


In June 1993 the ICI name was replaced by Zeneca when the company separated from its parent to become a leading bioscience company.


In November 2000, the agribusinesses of AstraZeneca and Novartis were changed to become part of the Swiss company Syngenta. Less than a year later in August 2001, the closure of the company was announced, which finally happened in December 2003.


After overcoming all these changes, there were two obstacles that were to ensure that the company would not survive, and they were the financial recession with more manufacturing work going abroad, and the periodic local floods.


These photos above of the 1930’s show not just that employees managed to arrive at work, but that they enjoyed the event, although the warehouses were flooded with packing and products ruined.


With a knowledge of where the bottom of the locks are, one can see from these photos how high the river came, and why so much of the factory was under water. The van is parked on the slope of Hampstead Bridge.




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