A History of YALDING, Kent, England

The Richard Baker mentioned on the previous page had possible long term family and occupational connections both with the village and the corner shop.

There was a William Baker baptised here on 5th August 1781 to parents Robert and Jane.

Following that our Richard son of William and Margaret Baker was born Sept 25th 1800, and baptised here November 9th 1800. Subsequently Richard married a Mary Warrington on the 24th of November 1825. They had five children the first of whom was John, baptised here 14th May 1826.

Richard who as stated was our local Postmaster and hairdresser was buried in our cemetery on 7th December 1856 aged 56, and the joint business was carried on by son John who in turn was buried here on 5th of January 1877 aged 50.



During recent renovations of the premises these items on the left were found under the floorboards. The scale is in inches, making the largest one seven centimetres.

Being unsure what they were, this photograph was sent to the Victoria and Albert Museum at Kensington, in London, with the reply that they were WIG CURLERS, that were very common in the eighteenth century.