A History of YALDING, Kent, England



Along the Hunton Road, now called Vicarage Road, pass the Green on the left is Acton Place, beyond which there were no houses up to Cherry Tree Cottage, until the mid 1920’s when the first block of council houses opposite the school were built.

On the other side of the road, beyond the school we find the Baptist Chapel which has been covered separately, along with the adjacent Norton Villas.

Next to them is a detached house called ‘The Cottage’, shown right, which was the home of Edmund Blunden’s parents when they retired. They were there from about 1930 until Charles died in 1951. Next to occupy ‘The Cottage’ was Mrs Margaret Leigh, wife of Canon Leigh who had died in 1934; she died in 1960, and both are buried in our churchyard.

After a small orchard gap there is a row of four weather-boarded cottages, that have had two names, either Webbs Cottages as at one time a Miss Webb owned them, or Hodges Cottages, which they are most usually called, after the local builder John Hodge.

‘Linden House’ is next, which was a school in the 1900’s, described as a Home School for girls and little boys under ten. Under the Principal of Miss Horscroft, weekly boarders and daily pupils received a course of instruction of the usual English subjects, with literature, music, drawing, painting, botany, algebra, french, german, and singing, at an annual cost starting from

£ 2, 5s, 1902 charge.


The above photo shows Hodges Cottages, with the detached Linden House beyond, and next to that is the Linden House school advertisement, taken from a parish magazine of the time. As can be seen from the shadows, this is the southern side of the road, which had been church glebe land, and as stated above, one hundred years ago there were no houses at all on the other side.