A History of YALDING, Kent, England

ACOTT Bakery.


The name of Hards had been associated as a Yalding bakery since before 1870 for the next fifty years. In 1926 a new employee by the name of Albert Alfred Acott joined the workforce, the year after Gabriel Hards had died at the age of 69. Brother Thomas was only one year older, was obviously tired of the bakery and post office routine, and by 1934 Albert Acott had acquired the business. At this moment the family are unsure where Albert was born, but he had married Caroline Rose Barnden of East Peckham on 15th July 1916. Children Kathleen and Donald were born in 1922 and 1923 respectively, and were both to later work in the bakery and post office. Albert put his back into this new task, and was able to open shops in both Paddock Wood and Wateringbury. Later this was extended tp Pembury, Tunbridge Wells, East Peckham, possibly Tonbridge, and others.

Above left is an advert from the parish magazine.

Above is Ernest Albert Farrow a van driver, who was also a special constable, living with wife Maggie along Kenward Road. He was injured when a bomb fell at Beltring on 29th October 1940, and died the following day at West Kent Hospital, Maidstone.

Left is a view of the floods of September 1968, that swept through the shop as shown plus the bakery, as it did in some of the houses in this part of the lower village.


The main manufactory behind the shop was the large baking oven, required to supply a string of Acott outlets in the area. There were also cellars but they obviously flooded first when the water came up. Nearer to the river is a separate building that was used as a store and offices; this is now a separate residence complete with a skirt that can be raised if the river threatens.