A History of YALDING, Kent, England

The 1888 Committee of this group was Rev'd D Lamplugh, M A (Chairman); Mr W Galpin, Hon Sec; Messrs, Langridge, R Barnes, G Prebble, Tutt, Honess, and O Watson. The following year the committee with Lamplugh and Galpin consisted of Hards, Killick, Butler, Everest, Honess and Prebble. There were no vacant allotment plots at this time.
In 1894 the accounts dealt with £ 40 14s 9p, with an allocation of 102 plots.
No further informative details were published for many years and then from 1917 onwards just the annual accounts, which at that time amounted to £ 28. This is other than a report made by the Parish Council in 1921 that Yalding had at that time 87 Allotment Holders.
The use over the years was quite extensive as many households made full use of the opportunity to grow their own vegetables. There obviously had been a decline in their use when the owner of the glebe land, the Rev'd Peter Wilkinson called a meeting on the 13th of August 1974 to outline the use of 2½ acres for the ALLOTMENT SOCIETY. The plan of the area showed 36 cants each of two allotments of 20 yds by 7½ yds, which a committee needed to be responsible for their use. A committee of seven members was elected with Mr D Hall as chairman. Also in the mid 1970's an area of allotment ground was transferred to the school to become their playing field extension to the playground.
With the advent of the supermarkets the number of people providing for themselves in this way has drastically reduced, but a few do continue to reap the rewards of their labour in tilling the soil.

The secretary Mr Perkins was pleased to state that 1910 was concluded as being a satisfactory year, with 41 holders being paid a bonus of 1 shilling per allotment for prompt payment of rate. The accounts showed a balance of 5s. 9d., despite 26s. 10d. spent on clearing out the adjoining ditch. In a report to the Ministry of Agriculture in March 1921 there were 34 holders of plots.
The main area used for allotments in the centre of Laddingford is now Cleavelands housing estate.