A History of YALDING, Kent, England

In December 1905 it was decided to start a children's branch of the S.P.G., officially known as the King's Messengers. This was for those between the ages of 9 and 21 who were willing to attend a monthly service of intercessions, also receiving the `King's Messenger Magazine' at ½d per month. The initial sales of this magazine were for a quantity of 50, with a version for older member called Mission Fields of 24 copies. Meetings were held in Yalding and for 20 new members at Laddingford. Membership and Activities progressed well, for in May 1906 a Jumble Sale of made and collected items realised the sum of £ 3 9s 6d, which together with a church collection of £ 7 was sent towards an S.P.G. project in Madagascar.
The work of this group steadily continued especially at Laddingford where by 1909 Miss Fyson had welcomed them to use a room at `the Croft'. Of this group 5 boys and 2 girls had sat KM examinations in 1909, and in 1910 certificates were awarded to Alice Richardson, Hettie Tutt, Aleen Driver, Hilda Castle, Evelyn Gardiner, Lavinia Pattenden, Dorothy Childs and Elsie Bone.
For their regular support of overseas work, especially in one certain area, the group were sent a banner worked by the Christian 2nd Class Schoolgirls of Ambatoharanana, Madagascar. (See Mothers' Union for the connection here.)
Regular sales of work continued and with a Pageant being performed at the same time, usually held in the Parsonage gardens of Miss Warde. Just after the start of the war had been announced in 1914, the title of the pageant was `A World -wide Baby' with members wearing costumes of various nations.
The meetings, and sales of work with its accompanying entertainment continued for many years, but lack of records do not inform us of their fate. The last current article gives a financial result less expenses of £ 10 in 1921, which in that year was held at the vicarage.